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Anonymous asked:

In bride of the century, do you know what that violin song kang ju's father always listens to on his record player is called??

That song is Bach’s Chaconne for solo violin. The version in ‘Bride of the Century’ sounds like James Ehnes’ version to me. This is his performance: Bach’s Chaconne


Anonymous asked:

I don't want ti read it and have it spoiled, but just asking: WHAT EPISODE OF BRIDE OF THE CENTURY DOES KANG JU FIND OUT SHES REALLY NA DOO RIM?

It’s episode 12 : )


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1. Your favorite song to sing in the shower?


2. What is the one make-up product you can not live without?

Actually, I rarely wear make-up :D

 3. Your ultimate bias?


4. Where were you born?


5. What’s your favorite dish?

Instant noodle.

6. Your female crush?

SES Eugene, as an actress, and Han Ga In.

7. How did you get into Kpop?

After watching Full House, I liked Rain and talked about him a lot, but didn’t listen to his music. My close friend lent me Se7en’s first two albums because she thought Se7en was cooler than Rain. Then Se7en became my first favorite singer : ]

8. Your first Kpop bias?


9. If you had 3 wishes how would you use them?

One for my family, one for myself, and one for FTISLAND.

10. If you could choose anyone from the Kpop industry, who would you pick as your mentor?

FTISLAND, they can teach me Japanese or whatever, I just wanna be close to them :D

11. Your favorite book/movie?

Book: Gone with the Wind, The Old Man and the Sea, Harry Potter.

Movie: Titanic, Hello Ghost.

Thank you for tagging me : )

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